iRis -  Computer Aided Building Inspections by QScope

  • Schedule

  • Inspect

  • Check

  • Record 

  • Report

  • Analyse

  • Training

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Capture your client's info 

  • Record your clients info

  • Record Property To Be Inspected details

  • Record Agent Details

  • Sell services

  • Sales Order Entry

  • Reserve spots

  • Schedule Activity

  • Allocate jobs to staff

  • Find past jobs

  • View Reports

  • Reserve spots

  • Schedule Activity

  • Allocate jobs to staff

  • Find past jobs

  • View Reports

Inspect and Report

  • Use Q-Scopes Standard Compliance Inspection Configuration

  • Have Q-Scope build your own unique inspection process and report format.

  • Down load jobs

  • View Job Details

  • View map and directions to job site

  • Conduct Inspection

  • Inbuilt Training

  • Follow Checklist and best practice procedures

  • Record Information

  • Access reference material

  • Take pictures

  • Make annotations

  • Generate Report

  • Review Report

  • Send completed Report to clients

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2. Building Stage & Handovers SaaS

3. Business Startup IT Partnering

Helping you find the right Inspection solution.

iRis is a suite of software that covers bookings, rscheduling jobs, performing inspections, publishing reports and much more..


Software as a Service


IT partner with a shared vision.

Mobility - Q-Scope's iRis software suite is designed to be used on any device able to run a browser and be connected to the internet. The very powerful iRis Inspection app currently is designed to run natively on Apple iOS devices and will shortly be available on Android devices


Software as a Service. - For Small and Middle Size Businesses (SMEs) building and maintaining an in-house IT infrastructure is daunting and expensive. Are you sure you your security cannot be hacked, is you data backed up, will your software work when you get new computers, etc. etc. iRis Software as a Service (SaaS) provides you with the software you need to run your business. Your information is safer than you could keep it on your own computer, you share the cost of IT support with others, If you stop using the service your data is available to you. your data is not shared with anyone.


Security - At Q-Scope we require all our customers to use our two step authentication process. To access you systems and data in addition to logging in with a UserID and Password a code is sent to you mobile phone which must be entered before you can gain access. for unauthorised access to occur someone will need to have your User ID, Password and your Mobile Phone.