Q-Scope - Building Inspection Software for Sole Traders - Building and Timber Pest Inspection app Booking, Scheduling, Inspection and Reporting

  • Bookings

  • Job scheduling

  • Sales Statistics

  • Customer Report Link Send Out

  • Inspector Daily Jobs Schedule web service

  • Embedded Google maps for navigation, satellite View and site street view

  • Job Sheet with access arrangement details and who is attending inspection

  • Very high resolution zoomable photography and video  Sample report link

  • Customer visible and hidden as inspected photographs

  • Photograph markup and annotation

  • In app access to training and reference library

  • Step by step best practice checklist process

  • Hierarchical inspection observation capture

  • Dictation capture of notes and additional information as required

  • Preview of current defect data and photographs

  • Preview of report to be generated for the client form captured data

  • Inspection review by inspector

  • Asynchronous captured data and photo transfer to cloud for inspection revisits and findings update support

  • Full compliance with AS4349.1 and AS4349.3

  • Termite risk susceptible calculator and automatic reporting

  • Risk of undetected defect calculator and automatic reporting

  • Quick pick of common defects for inspection efficiency

  • Inspections independent of on site internet connection

Q-Scope - Complete Business Systems for Building Inspection SMEs 


The above functions plus:

  • On web page enquiry/quote management with bot/human customer support

  • e-enquiry handling and auto response

  • Manual enquiry support and quoting

  • Sales Order Processing

  • Job scheduling which minimises inspector travel 

  • Management of job organisation functions with email and/or SMS confirmations

  • Communications event logging including phone, email and SMS

  • Client invoicing

  • Payment receipt covering Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EFT, etc.

  • Accounting system integration for Xero or MYOB. Bespoke development of integration with other systems is available

  • Elimination of Bad or Doubtful Debts

  • Sales Statistics

  • Inspector Performance Statistics

  • Email and SMS Marketing functions driven by comprehensive  business rules.

  • Review Requests

  • Customer Report Link Send Out

  • Notification of all involved parties of the Inspection Event - Customer, Builders, Solicitors, Vendors, Tenants etc.

  • Configurator for Inspection Best Practice Processes for each type of service offering

  • Development of client report layouts and static information

  • Configuration Update Web Service for new and changed Service Products

  • Inspector Daily Jobs Schedule web service

  • IPad (Android in future release) Inspection App

    • Thermal camera interface

    • Machine Learning AI

    • On Job extensibility

    • Two inspector / one report support as required

    • Multi inspection project support

  • Configuration and implementation services​

  • Training Systems

  • Continuous Process Improvement


Q-Scope - IT Support for business startups.

  • Pitch Support

  • Systems architecture

  • Enabling technology selection

  • Application Design

  • Development life cycle management from concept through to a market ready application and beyond

iRis - Multipurpose Software Suite

iRis is a suite of software offered to a broad range of clients across many industries and decipelins on a "Software as a Service": (SaaS) basis.

iRis is highly configurable to meet a broad range of needs. All your data is private, encrypted and held securely in protected data centres.

To use iRis the following steps need to be followed.

  • Register - Enter you personal and company details and the services you would like to use.

  • Select a pe-existing configuration for you industry - For example "Pre-Purchase Inspections" or talk to us about building a configuration that suits your specific requirements.

  • Make bookings and schedule you jobs or tasks

  • Load the app on you mobile device

  • Login

  • Download your tasks or jobs for a particular day

  • Go to a physical location using maps and directions in iRis

  • Undertake the job or task following a checklist referencing help as required.

  • Document you activity quickly and easily using guided selections, photographs, vedios, annotations etc.

  • Pre-view your documentation

  • Upload to the cloud

  • Check and publish your report or record, emailing a secure link to a third party or parties such as your client or government body.

Currently iRis has developed and tested configurations for the Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Industry and new construction stage inspections and handovers.

Pre-Purchase Building and Timber pest Inspections

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 5.11.26 pm_edi

This configuration of iRis has been used extensively for conducting Pre-Purchase Building and Timber Pest Inspections in Queensland Australia. Whilst currently configured to comply with Australian Standards AS4349.1 and AS4349.3 this configuration of iRis can be quickly tailored to meet the requirements of your specific country or region.

Startup Consulting

One of the most challenging components of  getting that killer app idea started is picking an enabling technology and developing a scalable IT architecture. Q-Scope will support you from the very beginning through to the development of a market ready multi platform app

Handover Inspections

Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 5.11.26 pm_edi

This configuration of iRis supports a best practice approach to New Construction Handovers. A single inspection process provides both a detailed report for the client and a list of defects to address for the builder.